Ecovision Projection Blind

Ecovision Projection Blind Ecovision manual projection blind has TSE certificate and is PRO in production quality, pro in functionality and ease of Use and ECO in prices with its functionality, quality and reasonable prices that offers to its customers.

Due to the manual locking system, the curtain can be stopped at the desired height.

The Ecovision manual projection screen can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Fabric Qualifications
The black backed projection blind fabric. A minimal image loss exits compared to the fabrics used in ProVision models.
It has moisture resistance.
Fabrics used in EcoVision models, unlike its counterpart made in China widely used in the market;
Does not emit bad smell,
No yellowing-discoloration as usage time increases!
It can also be easily cleaned with a slightly soapy cloth.

Box Qualifications
Specially produced cases for projection blinds are made of PVC and offered to our customers in matte white color.

Recommeded Usage
- Fairs
- All educational institutions
- All presentation neede offices

Customized blinds systems

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