Renson Blind

The need for protection from the sun

A building facing the sun or with large windows on the south side has quite the advantage. During the fall, winter and spring seasons, you can take full advantage of the sun's rays. In summer, however, this building may be suitable for overheating and therefore residents may be exposed to uncomfortable light reflections.
Structural sun protection systems and curtains are used to protect the building from overheating and to help prevent the sun's rays from falling onto the glass surface. Unwanted heat and unpleasant flare cannot enter. It eliminates problems such as glare and unwanted reflections when looking at TV or computer monitors, and in doing so, keeps your visual contact with the outside environment. Your outdoor landscape is important and our products respect it.

KYOTO protocol

Many developed countries have now signed the Kyoto program. Many people are becoming increasingly aware of the increasing danger that the effects of mankind have on our planet and how it affects our climate. In order to control these changes and minimize the Greenhouse Effect, energy consumption should be reduced.

Cooling buildings is a major energy-consumption activity. To reduce the need for refrigeration and even in some cases to completely eliminate the protection systems can be used.

Some governments have already taken steps to address energy consumption and ventilation issues.

• Belgium: Regulations relating to Energy Performance & Climate Climate (EPB) issues
• Netherlands: Energy Performance Factor (EPC)
• France: Réglement Thermique 2005 (RT2005) (Thermal Rules)
• Germany: Energy saving scheme
• UK: Fuel and power conservation in non-residential buildings Approved Document L2

Developed by the company Fixscreen® RENSON®, it is the first outdoor curtain in the truly windproof world.
Thanks to the master work zipper system, the fabric has wind protection at any position and can provide fly protection in the closed position. The system is based on a simple principle that the sun-protection fabric has a symmetrical zipper that holds the entire structure firmly against the channels on both sides.

A technological artist in comfort and ease of use, Fixscreen® can be used in offices, building projects and private residences.

Fixscreen® has many wind-proof curtain options.

Fixscreen® 85
The product is produced in a size of 2.50m (width) to 1.80m (height) (up to 4.50 m2). It is possible to merge up to 5.00m (width) and maximum 1.80 m (height). This small screen is very important for the için standard windows restor and the restoration market.

Fixscreen® 100EVO
 The product is produced in a size of 4.00m (width), 2.70 m (height) or 3.00 m (width) 3.50m (height) (up to 10.8 m²). Up to 6.00 m (width) and 2.70m (height) can be combined.
New! Patented & CE-approved
Connect & Go technology

Fixscreen® 150 product
It can be used on a unique size scale up to a height of 6.00 m or up to 6.00 m (up to 22 m²).

The wide range of colors of their fabrics and profiles ensures that the Fixscreen® is the perfect fit for your home or company's architecture, creating a pleasant living and working environment.

All products used for Fixscreen® are 100% stainless. Only stainless steel nuts are used. Aluminum profiles are made of EN AW-6063 T66 alloy. Profiles can be ordered in all possible colors.

Benefits of Fixscreen®

Fixscreen® smart zipper system:

Wind-proof curtain
The Fixscreen® complies with the European EN13561 (Wind Resistance Class 3) Standards. The rippling and torn fabric in the wind is a thing of the past.
Zipper technology provides a smooth, wrinkle-free fabric.

Control the light
Fixscreen ® prevents sun rays from falling onto glass surfaces. Eliminates glare and unwanted reflections. While doing this, you will not lose visual contact with your outdoor landscape. Your outdoor landscape is important and our products respect it.
Depending on the type of fabric selected, different degrees of transparency can be adjusted.

Control energy and heat
It is specially designed to protect the building from solar energy and to create an ideal indoor climate. Fixscreen® helps prevent unwanted heat from entering in and helps prevent overheating. This allows you to save a great deal on the resources spent on cooling and air conditioning in the summer, and also helps you get the optimum amount of light in the winter while minimizing reflection. Depending on the type of fabric selected, different degrees of heat-resistance are available.

It is now possible to ventilate your house intensively without allowing insects to invade. There is no clearance between the side channel and the curtain, and in addition, the dimming strip in the lower strip provides a perfect connection with the moldings. Silent operation We guarantee a lower running bar without noise.

Easy to use
Manual or automatic operation

Easy maintenance
Fixscreen® does not require much maintenance.

Easy setup
Installation on windows or walls. At the same time, for the windows, fitted (built-in) roller blind or fretless models may be preferred. Connect & Go Technology, Fixscreen® 100EVO. Available with. It facilitates the installation and disassembly of the drum, motor and fabric where this fabric is wound. This new technology also makes it easy to secure the winding case.

Large dimensions up to 22 m²
Fixscreen® 150 can be produced in 6 m width or 6 m height (up to 22 m²).


Fixscreen® Specifications

Wind-proof blind
Tested against wind.
It was subjected to wind tunnel tests by the Von Karman Fluid Dynamics Institute. Von Karman Institute
Wind Tunnel Test Report (no. EAR0410). The test covers wind speeds up to 150 km / h. Fixscreen® of 2000
x 2000 mm did not reveal any problems in winds up to 120 km / h. (See the Beaufort scale.)

Result: Sun protection fabric should be narrowed at speeds higher than 80 km / h. Up to 80km / h guaranteed in the closed position.


Customized blinds systems

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