About Us

Founded in 2001 Günpay systems on blinds Roller Blinds Systems Co.Ltd is successful in Turkey's history with the blinds industry is among the leading companies.

Behind the success of Günpay Stor Curtain Systems, there is a centralized approach to the most efficient and best quality solutions that best suit the needs of the customers. Our company, working with the principle of approaching the same seriousness and approaching all projects in small medium or large scale, has been keeping customer satisfaction and trust ahead of its financial gains since the day it was founded.

For all the architectural projects developed for large business centers, hotels, offices, universities, hospitals and residences; It is one of the most important complements of many details such as the lighting, decoration, the color tones used in the walls and the use of the room.

With these thoughts, we have been able to solve the architectural project curtain requirements in almost every segment with our architects and common minds for almost 15 years.

Since 2004, our company has been producing Projection Screen systems and we are proud to meet 70% of the sector need by itself.

We are pleased to be the Expert Partner of SOMFY company, which is the number one engine manufacturer of the sector, serving with Luxsol, ProVision, EcoVision, ProofScreen brands and we are pleased to serve you with our 250.000 m2 fabric stock.

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