Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds adds beauty to your space, meets your budget and become a popular choice in mechanism blinds systems. In addition to being convenient, affordable and functional, it has plenty of color and pattern options. It is also fully compatible with motorized systems.

  Working with the principle of winding the blinds fabric around an aluminum roll and opening and closing with the help of the chain up and down, these systems are suitable for almost any space. You can use it in offices, workplaces, houses, children's rooms, kitchens, even in bathrooms. In some places, even double roller blinds can be used. For example, you may want full control over the amount of light entering a room, in which case you can use tulle roller blinds and blackout Blindss together.

Luxsol Roller Blinds systems have managed to successfully gone through about 20 recognized certification program in Turkey is used by world standards we are the authorized distributor of Spanish Vertisol fabrics.

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